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  • Tsz Yung Frederick

    July 2, 2024 at 3:00 pm

    Do you know the illiteracy rates in your country?

    Yes, I do. According to the 2016 population census (I understand it is outdated), the literacy rate of individuals between 15-34 was 99.9%, while literacy rates were lower for older generations and young children (toddlers might not be literate yet).

    How could you reduce illiteracy rates in your community? (school, university, or city)

    Given that illiteracy isn’t a big problem in Hong Kong, I think the city would be a good source of outward assistance in combating illiteracy in less developed regions. Whilst face-to-face education may be the most practical and efficient means of teaching, it could be costly and exhaustive due to the lack of manpower and connectivity in less developed areas. Online education could become a better short-term alternative to tackling illiteracy (I believe that hybrid is the best), however, that would require an adequate internet infrastructure and easy access to electronic devices. If these conditions are met, students could be enrolled on courses and be taught from thousands of miles away, even allowing for higher quality education that is offered in more developed regions.

    Unfortunately, providing these online educational infrastructures would not be enough to solve problems. In agricultural and labour-intensive societies, children may be forced to work instead of receiving an education as a means to sustain the family. Under these conditions, providing these tools would not necessarily translate into a person becoming educated. Poverty is at the heart of this issue and has to be tackled simultaneously.