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  • Leena

    June 28, 2024 at 3:39 am
    • Do you know the illiteracy rates in your country?
    • How could you reduce illiteracy rates in your community? (school, university, or city)

    1. I was not aware of the specific statistics of the illiteracy rates in the United States. After looking up some statistics, I found that in the United States, 14% of adults can’t read while 21% of adults read below a fifth grade reading level. Additionally, literacy skills directly connect to injustices in the country including how 85% of juvenile offenders don’t have high literacy skills and 43% of adults that have low literacy are living in poverty.

    2. I think in order to reduce illiteracy rates in my community, there needs to be more fundraising for literacy, precisely what WLF aims to do. With more funding, money could go towards getting more free books into circulation for students that don’t usually have access to them. Additionally, funding could go towards programs that target an older demographic. There isn’t much attention on adults who are facing illiteracy, but the statistics show that many are. Programs and classes could aid those adults in gaining higher literacy skills.