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  • Claire

    July 7, 2024 at 7:04 pm

    1) While I could not recount the exact percentage before a quick Google search, I found that the illiteracy rate in the United States is 21% for adults. 54% of adults also have a literacy level beneath the sixth grade level, a concerning statistic that prompts the necessity of immediate action in fostering functional literacy levels.

    2)To reduce illiteracy rates in my community, I would begin by trying to promote a culture that values literacy and education. This could manifest in book nights and literacy sessions where members of the convene to read together or learn how to read together under the instruction of volunteers. Additionally, in an attempt to make books more accessible, especially books that are literarily foundational and act as building blocks to reaching literacy, such as ones introducing the alphabet, I would install road-side little libraries, where the exchange of books is easy and accessible, not even requiring library cards. Finally, in order to inclusively spread the culture of reading and literacy throughout the community, partnerships with adjacent NGOs could be established, such as partnerships with Homefront in order to give homeless families and people in need access to books and literacy tools. Reducing illiteracy rates is no small feat, and all of this would require the support of an entire community dedicated to literacy.