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  • Kevin

    June 28, 2024 at 10:18 pm

    I am aware of the low (and, by some metrics, declining (1)) rates of literacy in the United States. Though I am working on blog posts which necessitate my understanding and recall of precise figures, I can’t recall them at this time without citations.

    The method by which we can go about tackling the issue is one that I think has three fronts: the research which informs the priorities of the school system could be better funded, thereby bettering the configurement of the curriculum (as seen in the issue of “STEM v.s. Humanities”), empowering parents and provinding them the apt tools to foster reading at home, and a “grassroots initiative”. Here, there is room for reading events, public readings, donations, and activities could prompt families and young readers to action.

    (1) The Policy Circle. (2024). Failing grade: Literacy in America. The Policy Circle. []